Flukso: upholstery fabrics for home and contract interior design

Upholstery fabrics for contract and home settings that rely on the innovation of materials, design and research, as well as on 100% Made-in-Italy style: Flukso designs and produces fabrics for interior design that range from PVC or polyurethane coated fabrics to natural and mixed fabrics.

The wide range of textile collections stands out for their state-of-the-art technology and the attention paid to style and performance. Many of the fabrics for interior design and upholstered furniture have been studied to meet the contract sector requirements; therefore, these are fireproof fabrics, stain-resistant fabrics, and fabrics resistant to wear, light, abrasion and sweat.

Flukso: sectors
where we operate

The upholstery fabrics produced by Flukso aim at meeting the specific requirements of different sectors: Ranging from fabrics for home interior design to those for the contract sector and public spaces within the field of education, healthcare or hospitality, up to fabrics for the marine sector.

Design textiles:
featured collections

Design textiles gathered in several collections: from fabrics for indoor decoration to those for outdoor upholstery, from fabrics for modern interior design to those created to meet classical aesthetics needs: these are some of Flukso collections.

All Flukso fabrics for interior design can be comfortably searched by means of the rich dedicated page. Architects, designers and upholsterers will be able, through the search fields, to select their own upholstery on the basis of the fabric composition, the colour and the type of use. They will also be able to freely browse through the fabric collections that are offered searching for ideas and inspiration for their projects.

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